This is not your average training program.





This is NOT Your Average Training Program 

Contemporary and conventional do NOT exist in the realm of EVENNETT | Hardcore -

I'm Scott Evennett - A former Australian Special Forces soldier, with an extensive background in elite-level sport.

If unbreakable core strength (& the looks to go with it) is something you've been training for, but yet to achieve - Mark my words, I have the solution for you!

As a result of my time served in the Special Forces, I have experienced some of the most difficult and challenging situations life can throw at you. Consequently, my approach to health & fitness is very simple - You Can't Escape Reality - and Hard Work is Reality.

... And if you've read up to here, I'm sure you're someone who's prepared to make that commitment - And I assure you, from that hard work, comes significant results.

The EVENNETT | Hardcore program was designed to challenge the stereotypes surrounding what it takes to have a powerful frame and strong core.

Hardcore offers a stark contrast to the basic methods preached in conventional training- in both theory and application.

Hardcore is not bodybuilding...

Hardcore is not weightlifting...

Hardcore is total body mastery.

... And it is achieved through the strategic implementation of Gymnastics & Calistenics training methods, which have produced some of the strongest, most dynamic & powerful athletes, pound-for-pound  - Since the dawn of time.

This is not a program that offers you the convenience of crafting a sculpted abdomen, via the luxury of your living room, with wine glass in-hand – for 5 minutes per-day. 

...Unlike this false ideology, Hardcore makes no secret of the dedication required to achieve the desired result – however, Hardcore is a bullet-proof strategy.

This is not a program that will have you doing thousands of repetitions, in the hope that each rep is shaping a more chiselled midsection. 

Hardcore is the application of gymnastics, callisthenics & explosive compound movements – designed to activate more muscle fibre, accelerate fat loss & promote muscle gain. 

You may have tried countless times before - but, you've never experienced a program like EVENNETT | Hardcore. Become a part of the movement of people, affectionately known as the #EvennettArmy, who are achieving life-changing results, by getting your copy of EVENNETT | Hardcore, today!  

An eight (8) week training program, designed to build maximum muscle & total functional strength.

An eight (8) week nutritional guide, created to enforce correct nutritional habits for optimal muscle growth, fat-loss and energy output.

An extensive video exercise encyclopedia to reference over the course of your program and beyond.


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Results-driven programming -

The EVENNETT motto is simply, “Challenge Accepted.” and the Hardcore program is the perfect representation of this! 

If you're willing to open your thoughts to a new style of training - then, not only will you acquire a new skill set and more knowledge, but, you are certain to achieve the Ultimate Core


And Additional Bonus' -

EVENNETT | Supplement Guide (FREE)

EVENNETT | Mindset Principles (FREE)

EVENNETT | Hardcore.

This is NOT Your Average Training Program.

*Individual Results May Vary