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This Is Not Your Average Training Program

If traditional bodybuilding just isn’t your ‘thing’, then it’s time to reinvent your approach to strength and functionality.

Below is a proven method that has contributed to the exponential development of its users. However, be warned…



With the Ultimate Body Weight Training Program

Uncover Your True Strength By Mastering Your Own Body

Gymnastics and Calisthenics (Body Weight) training are often the most overlooked approaches to physical development, however…

They’re undoubtedly some of the quickest ways to progress!

Mastering your own body weight is one of the most rewarding parts of strength training – and it is this challenge that explains why gymnasts are so revered.

In conventional body building, where plateaus are common and progress can be easily stunted - Excelling with body weight techniques lends itself to exponential growth.

With a background in elite-level gymnastics, Scott has a unique insight into how the world’s best gymnasts develop unparalleled strength and functionality. It is these training secrets he has now chosen to reveal to you, to improve like never before! 

But, you must remember…

This is not bodybuilding.

This is not weightlifting.

This is total body mastery.

... And it is achieved through the strategic implementation of Gymnastics and Calisthenics training methods, which have produced some of the strongest, most dynamic & powerful athletes, pound-for-pound, since the dawn of time.

Scott Evennett is one of Australia’s leading fitness influencers and the face of EVENNETT - A fitness & lifestyle company with a military-edge, spanning from his time served in the Australian Special Forces.

Evennett and his dedicated team are considered experts in physical and mental conditioning. Amongst peers, their reputation stands alone - Respected for continually producing remarkable results for those people they cross paths with.

His reach extends from fitness programming to full-blown events. True to his roots, Scott emphasizes a strong focus on creating life-changing experiences for each participant, using a ‘tough love’, military-style approach.

Scott has been featured on the cover of Men’s Health and Fitness - You may also recognise him from Channel 9’s Australian Ninja Warrior.

I’ve never been stronger and more confident in my life!

... And I’m enjoying the extra attention it’s bringing

- Hamish

The Facts Speak Volumes...

Sound Like Something For You?

It isn’t hard to understand why this type of training is so effective. The myriad of benefits surrounding gymnastics & calisthenics training include:

  • Enhances Complex Motor Skills 
  • Dramatically Increases Flexibility 
  • Builds Coordination and Balance 
  • Improved Self Esteem and Self Control 
  • Promotes Healthy Cognitive Function 
  • Improves Bone Health 
  • Promotes Weight Loss 
  • Positively Impacts Muscle Health 
  • Prevents and Treats Incorrect Body Posture 
  • Combats Depression 

It is these benefits, coupled with a consistent flow of disgruntled gym goers who have “lost their way” and are “looking for something new”, that have encouraged Scott to create the ultimate body training program, EVENNETT | Hardcore.

24,387 people and counting have been experienced the benefits of Hardcore. Here's what some have to say:

Challenging The Norm

It’s given my training a new-found sense of creativity…

I can now take my kids to the park and use the same equipment they’re playing on, to train like a beast!

- Peter

The EVENNETT | Hardcore program was designed to be different.

Hardcore was created to challenge the norm surrounding what it means to be strong.

Hardcore offers a completely different approach to the basic methods preached in conventional training.

This is not a program that offers you the luxury of developing six-packs abs in your living room, with wine glass in-hand, for 5 minutes per-day.

Unlike this misleading information (and others similar), Hardcore makes no secret of the dedication required to achieve the desired result, however…

Hardcore is a bullet-proof strategy.

This is not a program dependent on thousands of repetitions, in the hope that each rep is shaping a more chiseled midsection.

Hardcore is gymnastics, callisthenics & explosive compound movements – designed to activate more muscle fibre, accelerate fat loss & promote muscle gain.

Before starting Hardcore, I was riddled with injuries from traditional training and would limit myself in fear of making them worse…

This program has improved my flexibility and range of motion out of sight! I now train harder than I’ve ever trained before!

- Ian

Result After Result

Well, the next step is easy…

If you’re looking to get your hands on a copy of EVENNETT | Hardcore, today… You’re in luck!

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That’s right! 50% OFF!

If you purchase today, you will receive the following:

  • The complete EVENNETT | Hardcore Training Program, inclusive of: 
  1.  An Eight (8) Week Training Program designed to Unlock Rapid Strength Gains And Develop An Unbreakable Core.
  2. An Eight (8) Week Nutrition Guide created to strip fat at speeds you never thought possible
  3. An Extensive Video Encyclopedia to ensure your technique is perfect and each exercise is completed with precision.
  • COMPLETE access to Scott & his team of experts, who will go to any lengths possible, to ensure you achieve your goal(s).

And the cost of all this? Well, at 50% OFF, it’s bound to raise an eyebrow!

Normally $120, for a limited time only, Hardcore is available to you for the price of $59.99

If you’re ready to reinvent your approach to strength and functionality, all that’s left to do is press “Get Started” below, submit your details and confirm your payment. Very soon thereafter, you’ll receive an email confirmation with your EVENNETT | Hardcore program attached.

Individual Results May Vary


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