Special Forces Soldier Tackles Body Image!

 Empowers Women Everywhere To Unite and Say

“I Can Do That Too!”

Your Self-Doubt Stop’s Here!

Achieve a level of fitness greater than you have ever previously believed.

Age, Experience & Fitness are irrelevant and this proves it!

If you have been lacking a commitment to your health and fitness, but have made it a goal to take action immediately, this is going to be the most important message you’ll ever read. 

Here's Why...

Scott Evennett is one of Australia’s leading influencers in health & fitness. Renowned as the face behind EVENNETT - A fitness & lifestyle company with a military-edge, spanning from his time served in the Australian Special Forces.


Evennett and his dedicated team are considered experts in physical and mental conditioning. Amongst peers, their reputation stands alone, as they continually produce significant change(s) in anyone they cross paths with.

His reach extends from fitness programming to full-blown events. True to his roots, Scott exhibits a strong focus on creating life-changing experiences for each participant, using a ‘tough love’, military-style approach.

Scott has been featured on the cover of Men’s Health and Fitness. You may even recognise him from Channel 9’s Australian Ninja Warrior.

Tackling Tough Issues, Together.

As you may know, body image & self-esteem issues are rampant in modern society. Through the power of social media, Scott fields questions daily from women suffering. Triggered by things such as misleading articles, photo-shopped images and nutritional misinformation, it came as no surprise that on the larger scale, providing assistance for those in need was of critical importance.

This, coupled with the knowledge that over 60% of gym members are female (yes, for those of you reading who don’t have access to a gym – These issues still exist within those sacred four walls! In fact, body image issues may be more prevalent in the gym!), it became paramount to address this head-on, once and for all!

 … And the reason for his choosing to act? Because Scott has been training women for years! Through his specific conditioning methods, he has overseen the development of countless confident, capable, mentally strong women - Whilst watching their physical fitness easily surpass their male counterparts, regardless of the level they started at!

Actions Speak Louder Than...

Evennett, alongside his team of experts, has decided to showcase this training method to the masses – Aiming to demonstrate to women everywhere, that their true capabilities lie far beyond where their current limitations keep them.

EVENNETT | Alpha Female was created to empower women everywhere to enter any situation and say “I can do that too”…and then do it… and then smile as they leave the room, knowing there’s a group of people collectively picking their jaws up off the floor, behind them.

Currently, it is only available to a limited audience, to ensure the necessary support is given to those who purchase, in order to build a close-knit, goal-driven community of female leaders.

Some of the amazing content featured in the book, includes –

  • How to reach peak physical condition without a gym membership?

The ‘At Home’ Alpha Female. No gym is no excuse! You’ll receive a complete training program, identifying the best ways to make use of your body weight – Feel better, think clearer (less stress is always good!) and learn to start being creative with your training.

  • Why the barbell is your best friend?

The fear of becoming “too muscly” stops most women from touching weights, before they even try – Not anymore! Wait until you feel the surge of energy rushing through you and the unconquerable feeling of achievement! For those with gym access, you’ll receive a complete in-gym training program. Without question, you’ll have never felt this strong!

  •  How to find real and lasting confidence without searching for it? 

Save the motivational memes for later… Instead, open your results book! You’ll smile when you realise everything you need to be confident about, is right there!

  • Why it pays to associate yourself with the right team & how it will amplify your results beyond your wildest dreams!

Whether you’re someone who’s never trained before, or gone through hundreds of different programs – the support of “a few good women” (and a team of experts), can make all the difference.

  •  The greatest gift of all – How you can give back! 

Knowledge is power…

Sounds like something you’d benefit from, right?

So... What's next?

Well, that’s easy!

In typical military fashion, Team EVENNETT operate in groups (or waves). Recently, they have opened their doors to the next intake of Alpha Female’s. If you’re fast and purchase today, you’ll not only be provided with the complete EVENNETT | Alpha Female training program, but also be given access to the private, online Alpha Female community and the direct contact details of Team Evennett!

… Let me reiterate that for you.

If you purchase today, you will receive the following.

  • The complete EVENNETT | Alpha Female Training Program. 
  • Access to a private, online community, where you will communicate with those women who have proven themselves to be as dedicated to achieving results as you are. 
  • COMPLETE access to Scott & his team of experts, who will go to any lengths possible, to ensure you achieve your goal(s).  

And the cost of all this? Well, I’m sure you’ll be the first to admit it’s a steal!

To ensure the next wave of Alpha Females get started as soon as possible, the cost of the program has been slashed to $47, from it’s original $299!

Realistically, this means that with demand to join being at an all-time high, this offer won’t be around for much longer. But, if you act now, you’ll secure your position!


If you’re serious about embracing long-term positive change in your life, improving your health, fitness and (most importantly) mindset, then let this be the first of many instances in which you find yourself saying, “I can do that too”.

All that’s left to do is press “Get Started” below, submit your details and confirm your payment. Very soon thereafter, you’ll receive an email confirmation with your EVENNETT | Alpha Female program attached & a link to the private online community.


Alpha Female

Created to Empower Women Everwhere to say...

"I Can Do That Too"

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