How to live a 

High-Performance life.

The EVENNETT Custom Mentoring Package is an all-access insight into the training strategies & mindset techniques gained from my broad life experience, Competetive Gymnastics, Professional Soccer and time in the Australian Special Forces.

This package focusses on communication and uses my proven high-performance system, designed from scratch to enhance your mind and reshape your body. Unlike any other program, i will talk to you, take notes and then go to work on designing the ultimate 12-week challenge. This intelligent process will change your life for the better.

The EVENNETT Custom Mentoring Package is a completely individualised resource crafted program built from scratch by "me" Scott Evennett. Eliminating all of those threatening outside forces from getting in your way. 

We will achieve mission success. 


12 Week Customised Training Program developed with military-grade precision, entirely for the purpose of achieving your goal. Among the criteria included are; your lifestyle habits, working arrangements, availability of equipment and facilities, injury history and training background.

12 Week Customised Nutrition Plan developed to compliment your training and lifestyle goals, with the inclusion of your own customised Supplementation guide. 

Weekly Mindset Training Series to put you in a heightened state of mind, you’ll inherit laser sharp focus and the ability to overcome and adapt any of life’s obstacles. Remembering that all of this starts with the right mindset & attitude - “Your mind will always give up before your body does”.





24/7 Support & Correspondence with the Team & I, as well as full-access to an exclusive online exercise-demonstration library & private online Facebook groups to accentuate support, motivation, camaraderie & accountability.






"The Custom Mentoring package I've undertaken with Scotty was exactly what I needed to get out of the training rut that I was in. I was going to the gym and doing 3x8-12 for every exercise and expecting results (foolishly). Scotty's highly detailed training program has shaken me up completely, pushing me well out of my comfort zone and forcing me to do workouts I was previously too scared to attempt.

The customisation has also allowed us to take into account my studies and work when planning my training, which was important to me. This balls to the wall training was coupled with a personal meal plan which has no doubt allowed for my fast results, compared to if I was just training without being disciplined in the kitchen.

The highlight of the package, however, is being able to communicate with Scotty whenever I've needed to. Be that for workout tips, nutritional advice or motivation - he has me covered. Having a mentor who has achieved so much (professional athlete, bodybuilder and commando to name a few) makes talking to him about any topic easy, as he always has a helpful answer!

I can't recommend the Custom Mentoring package enough for those wanting to take themselves out of their comfort zone and in a new direction".


"Can't thank you enough for how much you mentoring as improved my life! Not just my fitness, but every aspect of my life!... Your teaching of visualisation has even helped my apprenticeship, being a 2nd year apprentice Barber, I would start visualising the end result of every haircut, and that's EXACTLY how it would look! Your lessons can be practiced with everything you do!!

Thank you mate so much!!"


"With your will and my direction,

we will transform you into 

something elite - No matter what

your goal.

Challenge Accepted."


Everything you need for mission success -

Take control, today.

* Individual Results May Vary