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And How To Overcome Any Challenge in Life


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2018 DATES

All Events to be held at EVENNETT HQ (Sydney, AUS)

MAR 23 - 25

MAY 18 - 20

SEP 21 - 23

NOV 16 -18

Warrior Immersion Course.

Sick of limiting yourself, because the voice inside your head is telling you to 'Stop'?

Do you want to eliminate that voice, so you can start hitting your targets? 

Are you capable of achieving so much more, but don't know where to start? 


Well, let me tell you - You CAN overcome these barriers once and for all!

... And I can show you how!

The Warrior Immersion Course is designed to put you face-to-face with your own thoughts, to uncover truly what lies within.

Those of you who think this is nothing more than a survival of the fittest, couldn't be more wrong!

Let me be clear - WE CHANGE LIVES! and...

We can change yours too!

  •  Learn from Special Forces Soldiers, the physical training techniques to turbocharge your growth and prepare you for any situation. 

  •  Gain the mental edge with Special Forces mindset principles, to COMPLETELY ELIMINATE your perceived limitations.

  • Live with the confidence of knowing that you can crush your goals & overcome any challenge in life!


+ All Food 

+ All Accommodation 

+ Practical - Application of Training, Nutrition & Mindset topics, taught by Australian Special Forces Soldiers.

Each topic will be addressed over multiple sessions, with a different focus & practical test / application. Followed by a complete test of objectives on Day 2.

+ Theoretical  - Lessons taught by Australian Special Forces Soldiers, aimed at educating, enforcing & understanding correct mindset principles, to harness the power of mental toughness and excel in life. 

All sessions will be conducted by a team of leading military personnel, as well as influential figures in the Australian health & fitness industry. 


+ Kickboxing

+ Jiu Jitsu

+ Yoga

+ FREE - Total Resilience Top 5 (valued at $97) – Designed to help you become stronger (mentally and physically), more productive & most importantly, happier, with yourself.

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