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I can assume that by viewing this page, you're someone who, through no lack of previous effort or intent, is still searching for an 'answer' to their health and fitness goal(s). 

You might be looking to achieve any of the following:

  • Gain the extra muscle you've always wanted, which, in spite of all the heavy lifting and extra food - the numbers on the scales just won't increase. 
  • Lose that extra fat around your waist, that doesn't seem to go away - no matter how hard you try to shed it.
  • Break plateaus that are haunting your progression.
  • Learn advanced physical & mental concepts that will push your training to the next level.
  • Excel in your specific sport, in order to reach the elite 1% and gain an advantage over the competition.
  • Or simply, just stay committed to a plan, for its entirety - instead of finding reasons to stop training - like work, family & being time-poor, when motivation starts to dwindle.

Well - allow me to assist you, like I've done with thousands of other people, worldwide!

I'm Scott Evennett - A former Australian Special Forces soldier, with an extensive background in elite-level, professional sport. 

Let me preface what I'm about to tell you, by stating that, as a consequence of my time serving in the Special Forces, I have experienced some of the most difficult and challenging situations life can throw at you. As a result, my approach to health & fitness is very simple - You Can't Escape Reality - and Hard Work is Reality.

Unlike other 'experts', who preach convenience and the ability to deliver amazing results with minimal time or effort spent (i.e. the same people you have invested your money in prior - only to be left seeking more), I have no hesitations in saying that these ideas exist only to pander to the less disciplined, as a safety blanket for their 'less-than-required' efforts.

I've never witnessed any success story crediting convenience above persistence & hard work, when it came to achieving their goal(s).

Think about it - When has your favourite sports team/athlete/entrepreneur/celebrity personality stated - 

"This triumph comes down to the convenience of..." 

"This success is a result of the blood, sweat & convenience of...".  

"I'd like to thank my teammates for being so convenient this season."


Success & reward are always byproducts of hard work.

Which leads me to the crux of the matter -

I WILL get you the results you're after. 

...All you have to do is commit to the work. 

By work, I mean adopting a strategic, specific & proven approach to your training. 

No wasted minutes. No wasted exercises. No selfies. Just focus, intensity, purposefulness & reward.

...Take accountability for your future. 

...Acknowledge that you are capable of achieving what you're striving for!

...Implement the correct methods so that the mission objective is reached.


Welcome to EVENNETT | Warrior Athlete. 

The EVENNETT | Warrior Athlete program utilizes Special Forces training principles, complemented with high-performance training concepts from the professional sports arena - to develop maximum muscle, total functional strength and most importantly - an indestructible mindset!

Warrior Athlete is a hybrid mix of programming that is unlike anything else available.

You may have tried countless times before - but, you've never experienced a program like EVENNETT | Warrior Athlete. Become part of the movement of people, known as the #EvennettArmy, who are achieving life-changing results, by getting your copy of EVENNETT | Warrior Athlete, today!  

Why EVENNETT | Warrior Athlete Works!

A twelve (12) week training program, designed to build maximum muscle & total functional strength.

A twelve (12) week nutritional guide, created to enforce correct nutritional habits for optimal muscle growth, fat-loss and energy output.

Warrior Athlete distances itself from others, in its honesty & truthfulness. There are no ‘secrets’ or ‘shortcuts’ – Just the reality that results are determinant upon hard work (see ‘sweat equity’), consistency & the relentless pursuit of self-improvement.

Warrior Athlete delivers in respect to the totality of its programming. Developed in accordance with Special Forces (SF) training principles and implemented with military-grade specificity, EVENNETT | Warrior Athlete offers a proven training platform, used & trusted to develop the most elite-bracket of military personnel – now, for the everyday man & woman, to combat the rigours of today’s modern landscape(s).

An extensive video exercise encyclopedia to reference over the course of your program and beyond.


Results-Driven Programming -

The EVENNETT motto is simply, “Challenge Accepted.” and the Warrior Athlete program is the perfect representation of this! 

Whether you’re a man or a woman, if you’re aiming to reach a higher echelon of physical and mental performance - Warrior Athlete gets you there!

What People Just Like YOU are Saying...




The EVENNETT Promise

The EVENNETT promise is simple...

... I promise that should you follow the teachings of this program,  your results will not only be significant, but rapid as well.

... I promise that on the way to becoming a Warrior Athlete, my team and I will support your continued development

... I promise that should you open yourself to a different approach to training, you will undoubtedly build explosive muscle and an indestructible mindset